Don't Rock the Jukebox

Happy to play for a wonderful Fourth of July Party with a very nice group of people who appreciated our vintage Country and Bluegrass. Here we are playing the Alan Jackson Hit, Don't Rock the Jukebox, done Bluegrass Style. Hear more of our music at: 

Whiskey Bent and Hell Bound

Hoot n Holler doing an old Honky Tonk Classic, Whiskey Bent and Hell Bound. Had a great time playing for a truly nice group of people celebrating the Fourth of July 2019. Hear more of our music at: 

Act Naturally

Having fun with the old Buck Owens tune "Act Naturally" at a Fourth of July Party in Belmont California. See and hear more of our music at:             

Honky Tonk Blues

Hoot n Holler playing a Fourth of July Party and got a request for an old Hank Williams Classic called The Honky Tonk Blues. Love all those old Hank Williams tunes and we were so glad we knew this one! Hear more of our music at: 

Hoot n Holler, Jambalaya!

From the Train Station in Santa Clara,Ca.  here's The Hoot n Holler Trio playing the Cajun Classic, Jambalaya! To hear more music see:

Hoot n Holler - "Mind Your Own Business"

Dave loves to sing the songs written by Hank Williams. Here he is with The Hoot n Holler Trio performing, Mind Your Own Business! Hear more Music at: 

Hoot n Holler - "Truck Drivin' Man"

From the Santa Clara,Ca. Train Station, here's The Hoot n Holler Trio with a favorite Texas Song, Truck Drivin' Man. Hear more Music at: