"Mind Your Own Business!"

 Hoot n Holler jammin' on the Hank William's Classic, Mind Your Own Business, with Peter Forrest on Guitar and Stevie Dale on Bass Guitar. From the Santa Clara Railroad Museum Open House on Sat. April 6, 2019 

Jammin' on the song, "Swinging Doors"

From the Railroad Station Jam in Santa Clara Ca.  Jamming on the song Swinging Doors with at least 14 or 15 musicians! Wow, that's a lot of musicians! 

Louisiana Saturday Night

 Jamming on "Louisiana Saturday Night" at the Santa Clara Railroad Station and Museum in Santa Clara California with the members of Hoot n Holler and a whole wagon load of musicians. Join us the second Saturday of each month from noon until three at the RR Station for Country and Bluegrass.  

The Fireman

Hoot n Holler jammin' on The Fireman, with Stevie Dale on Bass and Peter Forrest on Guitar, at the Railroad Museum open house in Santa Clara Ca. We really enjoyed playing for the kids and families, so much fun!  

"Can't You Hear Me Calling"

Jamming on the Bluegrass Bill Monroe Classic, Can't You Hear Me Calling. It was a beautiful afternoon under the Redwood trees on Labor Day, much better than fighting the traffic on the Holiday. Thanks to all the terrific musicians who joined us Labor Day 2017.  

"Mind Your Own Business"

Here we are jamming on one of my favorite Hank Williams' classics,"Mind Your Own Business." Many thanks to the musicians who joined us and made our bluegrass circle so special on Labor Day 2017.     

"The Milk Cow Blues featuring Amy on the Fiddle"

 Dave singing one of his favorites, The Milk Cow Blues, with members of Behind the Barn Bluegrass band, featuring Amy Clay Goldfarb on the fiddle 

"Mind Your Own Business" with the Celtic Harmony Band

 The Celtic Harmony Band was playing at Britannia Arms in Cupertino, California and invited me to join them for a few songs. It was a real treat to play with them and sing a few too!  

Sitting in with Sidesaddle

Celebrating a birthday at Sam’s BBQ in San Jose and enjoying the music of Sidesaddle. A couple of their members recognized  me and and asked me to sing one with them.  Here I am jamming on “Truck Driving Man.”  I felt naked without my guitar and you can probably tell.  HaHa  Thanks to Sidesaddle for inviting me to jam with them.  

Jammin' on the song, "Love of the Mountains"

 From the Train Station in Santa Clara Ca. The second Saturday of every month from noon till three, we play a variety of Bluegrass and Country music, jamming with about a dozen musicians, always a fun afternoon! Come down and join us!  


 The Labor Day jam in Redwood City was the second jam that was a Singing Cowboy production.  We were thrilled with the response on both Memorial and Labor Days. This song is a George Strait classic from the early 1980's, "Fireman." I love the talented musicians who add so much to this song and made it so fun to play Labor Day! Thanks!