"It Won't Hurt" - Northern Calif Bluegrass Awards

From the 2018 Northern California Bluegrass Awards Show, we were asked to do a song so we played It Won’t Hurt, got a good response and Michael Hall, President and M.C. Said why don’t you sing another, so we did Milk Cow Blues. Thanks Michael! 

"Milk Cow Blues" - Northern California Bluegrass Awards

Recorded by Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys in 1947 in a San Francisco studio. Here we are playing Milk Cow Blues at the Northern California Bluegrass Awards. 


This song is a George Strait classic from the early 1980's "Fireman" I love the talented musicians who add so much to this song and made it so fun to play Labor Day! Thanks! 

"Can't You Hear Me Calling"

Jamming on the Bluegrass Bill Monroe Classic, Can't You Hear Me Calling. It was a beautiful afternoon under the Redwood trees on Labor Day, much better than fighting the traffic on the Holiday. Thanks to all the terrific musicians who joined us Labor Day 2017.  

"Mind Your Own Business"

Here we are jamming on one of my favorite Hank Williams' classics,"Mind Your Own Business." Many thanks to the musicians who joined us and made our bluegrass circle so special on Labor Day 2017.     

"Your Cheatin' Heart" - The Villages Jam

Sunday Oct. 22, 2017 Gary and I were invited to Jam in San Jose at The Villages. We played, we sang and the audience joined in with us for a very fun afternoon. They were a great group of people who made us feel right at home. Thank you Alan Rich for including us and we hope to do it again soon! Now another Hank Williams Classic I love to sing, Cheatin Heart, thanks to everyone who joined in. 

"Milk Cow Blues" - the Villages After Jam

 When the Jam ends very often the Musicians don’t want to stop playing. Some of us insist on playing at least one more. We finished our after jam  with my favorite, The Milk Cow Blues.

"Dim Lights" - the Villages Jam

 This song with a moral is a favorite of Gary Broeder’s and he is singing the lead vocal and playing the Mandolin he made from scratch.